The Hazards of “Thinking Big”

Lots of people like to tell other people to “Think Big.”

And for some people, “Thinking Big” works.

But for others, “Thinking Big” the first step on the road to disappointment.

It’s time to change all that.

In this four-minute video you’ll discover:

  • Bill Kauth’s story about how his “Big Thinking” goals for the ManKind project came true,
  • Why “Thinking Big” works for some people but spectacularly FAILS for others,
  • How “Success = Vision + Persistence + Patience,” and
  • How being able to maintain your “vision” is the HARDEST (but least acknowledged) part of successfully “Thinking Big.”

“Thinking Big” IS important. But if you don’t understand the Hazards of Thinking Big,” you can get into a lot of trouble.

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  1. Dmitri, Thank you again for more of your great insights. While I am confident that you know well that taking action toward your vision every day is crucial to success, that point seemed to get lost in this talk.

    Success = Vision + ACTION + Persistence + Patience

    • I’m totally with you brother, fundamentally IT IS ALL ABOUT TAKING EXCELLENT ACTION. In my way of thinking, “Persistence” MEANS “Persistent ACTION.” Not occasional action, but PERSISTENT action. I’m not sure what else “persistence” might apply to in this conversation.

      • I’m just suggesting that it is worth emphasizing the word ACTION in your presentation, as so much of what fails to get done in this world is a result of patient HOPING and persistent WISHING.

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