Join the Carpet Work Facilitator’s Club

[like action=like]When I first started my email newsletter, it was mostly for folks who were interested in “Carpet Work” facilitation.

But as my list has grown, the blog has expanded, and the majority of folks don’t know, or care, what Carpet Work is.

These folks read my emails and watch my videos because they find the tips helpful for being happier and more successful in their lives. And I love helping them.

But because of this, I’ve found myself in a situation where I’d like to make new videos about specific “Carpet Work” techniques or new innovations — but I haven’t, because I don’t want to send those tips to people who might not be interested.

Therefore, I’ve decided to start a new, special “sublist” of folks who are interested specifically in tips about facilitating Carpet Work.

It’ll be sort of a “Carpet Work Facilitator’s Club.”

If you are signed up for my newsletter/blog notifications, you’ll still receive them, but you’ll also receive specialized “Carpet Work” facilitation tips, videos, and tele-classes as I create them.

If you are not signed up for my newsletter/blog, you can sign up for that on the sidebar of this page, then sign up here for the Facilitator’s Club.

(After you sign up for the Facilitator’s Club you’ll automatically be redirected to the first video.)