How to Run Carpet Work More Quickly, Lesson 2: Using a “Carpet Work Clock”

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The single most important tool that I use for going faster on the carpet is the “carpet work clock.”

In this video I cover:

  • How to use a carpet work clock to focus the participants on doing their work,
  • How to actually USE the clock during facilitation, rather than just “having it up on the wall,”
  • How to keep the process moving to “keep up” with the clock,
  • The carpet work process “milestones,” and how to use the clock to make sure you hit those “milestones” on time, and
  • [bonus!] How I keep track of the DAY as a WHOLE in a way that keeps the entire experience on track and moving forward.

How to run carpet work more quickly Lesson 1

Whenever I’m involved in leading a carpet on a weekend, my carpet is always done first.

Lately, people have been asking me why that is.

What am I’m doing that makes me able to go faster than everyone else?

It turns out there are SPECIFIC THINGS you can do to run carpet work faster.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m sharing exactly what I do run quick, consistent work in a new series of free videos.

In this first video I cover:

  • Why going faster is important.
  • Why more skill and experience might NOT help you go faster.
  • How “momentum” can work FOR you or AGAINST you on the carpet.
  • My NUMBER ONE piece of advice for going faster on the carpet.
  • The importance of agreement on your facilitation team to going faster.
  • Who you really “sell out” if you don’t run quick processes.
  • The ONE OUTCOME I’m holding in mind when I facilitate quickly.

…And a preview of the next video in this series.

I hope you enjoy this video. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Facilitator’s Club – How to Handle Humor on the Carpet

Sometimes participants are genuinely funny… even when they are sharing about profoundly upsetting experiences.

The group may start laughing a lot, and it can be confusing — how are you supposed to facilitate a truly healing process with all this laughing going on?

Many facilitators mis-handle this situation… but there IS a way to handle it well, so it

  • grounds the process,
  • builds the participant’s trust in the process, and
  • moves the process forward.

In this three-and-a-half minute video, I share with you exactly how to handle humor on the carpet.

I hope you enjoy it.


Facilitator’s Club – The Four Phases of Facilitation Mastery


When most people teach facilitation, they teach about the kinds of processes you can run, and the techniques you need to use to run those processes well.

That’s fine, but if you stop there, it’s not enough.

If you want facilitation mastery, you have to also look at the inner, emotional journey of learning to facilitate.

That inner journey is just as important — or even more important — than knowing processes and techniques.

If you’ve been around me much, you’ve probably heard me say this:

“Achievement and transformation walk hand in hand.”

Put another way, if you want to achieve at a level beyond which you are currently capable, you will have to experience an inner transformation.

You are already doing your best. It’s not like you can “do your best harder.”

You actually have to become the “next better version of you” who can achieve what you currently cannot.

This is true in every area in which you wish to excel… And absolutely true when it comes to mastering Carpet Work facilitation.

In this new video I walk you through the four transformational “phases” that I’ve reliably seen new facilitators go through on their way to mastery.

The big mistake most students make is they resist the phase that they are in. That causes trouble and suffering.

Once you understand what phase you are in, and move with its energy, rather than against it, developing facilitation mastery is much easier and much more fun.

Facilitator’s Club News

As of this writing (November 23rd, 2011) our club is 263 members strong!

If you like this club, and are benefitting from it, I’d ask you do two things,

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Facilitator’s Club – “getting” the participant

It’s important that you “get” the participant.

That is, you need to understand what they want, and what is in the way of them getting it, at least as well (if not better) than they do.

When you communicate this understanding to the participant, their trust in your facilitation will increase — along with the velocity and depth of their process.

In this new video I talk about the two things you’ve got to understand if you want to “get” the participant, and show a route to understanding those things that you can start using right away.

As usual, post your questions or comments below.

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Facilitator’s club – Starting the Process from the participant’s LONGING

It’s possible to use all the right facilitation tools, in the right ways, but still be working on the wrong information.

I see it all the time. You have to start the process with the right information, so you move in the right direction. Otherwise you are working, but not on the participant’s actual issue. And that’ll make things tough.

In this video I show you how to find the participant’s real, deepest longings — which they probably will not present to you automatically — so you can go the right direction and have the process seem to run itself.

Welcome to the Carpet Work Facilitator’s Club!

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New Innovation in the “Warrior Identity Wound”

To start, I’m posting this is a video I recently made for my fellow “Shadow Work” facilitators.

In it I talk about the different Archetypal “Identity Wounds,” and chart a new approach to handling the Warrior “Identity Wound.”

I hope you enjoy it.