Resolutions to Results: Succeeding at your two key priorities by caring for the state of your heart.

What are your top two priorities for 2011?

I love the idea that priorities are like arms. You have two of them. You can only have two of them. You can say you have more than two, but then you still only have two — but now you’re also crazy.

I want to help you fulfill or make major progress on your two priorities for 2011 — in a short period of time.

What makes this course different is that we’re not going to be pushing, forcing, or helping you use “self-discipline” to attempt to attain your goals.

What we’re going to do is use the principle that “Where your heart is NOW is where your life is going SOON.”

Achieve by CARING for your heart, not by beating it up

If your heart is truly inspired about your priority, you won’t be able to be stopped from working on bringing it about. If your heart is inspired about your priority, you’ll automatically take the daily, excellent actions that you need to take to make your priority a reality.

But, by the same token, if your heart is not inspired — if you feel like your priority is hopeless, or too difficult, or would be too painful to attempt — then no matter how much “good advice” you get, or how much pushing someone gives you, you’re not going to get very far.

In this six-month course, you’ll achieve by caring for your heart, rather than by beating it up.

For instance

  • You might have a business priority, like creating and selling a new product, or getting traction and feeling like your business is growing.
  • Or your might have a priority about your health — like you want to lose X pounds, and lower your cholesterol by Y points.
  • Or you might have a priority about a relationship — getting into one, or really bringing the life back into the one you are in now.

Whatever your priorities are, we’ll be working on clearing away everything that is stopping you from being inspired. We’ll support your moving forward with a full heart, inspired and energized by your actions as you move toward your goals.

How we’ll do it: Spiritual Healing and Carpet Work

On individual calls with me, we’ll focus on using “Spiritual Healing” to bring your heart in alignment with the Divine, especially about your priorities, so you’ll have what it takes to be moved forward by the Source of all inspiration.

On the weekends together we’ll focus on using “Carpet Work” to heal ways in which you may be holding back your own success as an unconscious way of loving someone from your past.

Super-turbo-charge your inspiration

“Spiritual Healing” and “Carpet Work” are a really powerful combination. Together they super-turbo-charge your ability to be inspired and to consistently go for what you really long for in your life.

We’ll mix those with other tools as appropriate as we help each other attain our goals while caring for the state of our hearts.

The details

I’m still forming this course and working out the details — some of them may change by the time the course starts, but the big pieces will stay the same.

The program will consist of 3 weekends over 6 months, and 2 individual, private calls with me per month, as well as support and “buddy” calls with other members of the group.

The course will take place in Haymarket, VA, outside of Washington DC. The first weekend will probably be on March 5-6, 2011.

The group will be small. We will be focused on your priorities. And it will be fun.

And don’t worry — we’ll work on refining your priorities on the first weekend, so if you don’t have them “set in stone” now, that’s okay.

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