The Lesson of the Fire

Years ago, on a perfect summer night, on a sandbar by the Wisconsin River, by a high bluff and under the light of a full moon, I built a fire.

Or perhaps I should say, I attempted to build a fire.

I actually failed at it, repeatedly… Until I had an important insight.

Then the fire practically exploded.

Building that fire taught me an important lesson about getting massive results.

I’ve relied on that lesson many times over the years, but I’ve never really talked about it publicly.

The lesson I learned really flies in the face of the idea that “you should never take your eyes off your goal.” In fact, I’d say that taking my eyes OFF my goal — in the right way — has been one of the most important lessons I’ve learned about manifesting in the real world..

And I learned it that night, attempting to build a fire beside the Wisconsin River.

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  1. Well done. Thank you for this. And what I’m getting is that the relationships that I need to build in order to expand my business are what I need to focus on … I have been putting my efforts into the work instead of the relationships.

  2. slogram says:

    Good video on fire. I have applied it to my heart’s desire, but I’ve run out of ideas to focus on. What I want is to restore love and happiness to my marriage. We are counseling, talking honestly with each other, trying to have a balance between fun and work on the relationship, reading self-help books. Maybe sometimes you just can’t have your heart’s desire.

    • Dmitri says:

      The big problem I see in working with couples is that they use the session to air their (often quite realistic) complaints about their partner or the relationship or themselves. In my view, you want to bring those things out for the purpose of discovering how you have given up on love. It’s easy to say, but it’s still true: you have to care for your heart that has given up. Good luck! I know that losses of heart can be restored, but ya gotta care for your heart if you’re going to discover how…

  3. Bruce says:

    Hi Dimitri – and thanks for you ongoing giving – through your postings.
    Perhaps I misunderstood something here – but what I took from this was – BE PRACTICAL / and perhaps move away from the teachings that hold you must focus in your mind the vision of what you want in your life and convince yourself it has already happened. (The secret etc) Seemed more like what I was taught was “common sense” – the quip about which was – “it may be sense – but it generally isn’t common”. :-)
    And old quip is :- you must envision potatoes with a spade in your hand

  4. Judy Murdoch says:

    Excellent article and video, Dmitri. What I took from it was that the change we want is the byproduct of right, inspired action (Divinely guided actions). Also such a good thing to remember when I’m feeing frustrated because the change isn’t happening “fast enough.”

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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