How to open to Blessing to transform your problems

In this new video, I show, step by step, how people who are experiencing problems or issues tend to AVOID their connection to Blessing.

I’ll also show you the one mistake that people make when they don’t rely on their connection to Blessing.

I’ll show how that one mistake leads to struggle, difficulty, trying harder, and “loss of heart” in the face of the challenges of life.

And I’ll give you a blueprint of how you can start avoiding that mistake RIGHT AWAY, and…

  • Begin reducing struggle in your life and taking the “weight of the world” off your shoulders,
  • Improve your relationships with your spouse, family, or at work
  • Find empowering motivation for truly changing your behaviors,
  • Find peace if you are upset or experiencing difficulty,
  • Build a strong and practical spirituality,
  • And find “heart” in the places you’ve “lost heart” in your life.

I hope you enjoy the video, and PLEASE leave a comment letting me know what you think about it!


(I also want to thank my friend and mentor Jim Keeley for all his help and inspiration in this!)

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  1. Very redundant. Very little said over a very long duration. Graphically uninteresting and visually also redundant. Rhetorically illogical. Simplistic. Try E-prime.

  2. Paul Schlegel says:

    Wow. George. Good job with the spam comment.
    Is that what they teach you in E-Prime?

    • The comments have nothing to do with spam. Yung’s king, magician, warrior, lover archetypes (models, metaphors) have great value in discussing the mature masculine when one conceives of them in balance and used appropriately. See or better yet read Moore’s book. In my opinion the “divine” resides equally in each; in the balance: The lover’s connection to “All;” the magician’s connection to technical and spiritual knowledge; and the warrior’s connection to protection; The king’s connection to blessing and order. The focus on king as the way to the divine warrants the term simplistic. The suggestion that magician, lover and warrior lead one to problems flies in the face of achieving a mature masculine “balance” and logic because we need knowledge, compassion and the ability to appropriately protect just as much as we need blessings and order. My comments regarding redundancy both verbal and graphical can serve to suggest editing and additional work toward succinct clarity. YMMV

      • The use of E-prime offers an opportunity to experience life rather than label your experience. Eliminate 5 words from your thought, speech and writing: is, was, were, are, will be. No “they” teaching it. Do it yourself only.

      • That’s better George.

        It looks like you just need to learn a bit more about internet etiquette and the fact that you’re original comment made you look like an outsourced spam-commenting company (there are thousands of them available for hire).

        Thanks for the clarification.

  3. Good and useful. I’d like to see more about turning to the divine and blessing, and the ways that could look or be expressed.

  4. Dmitri, I found this very helpful. I hope to implement it where I can. Good stuff!

    You can’t go wrong with the Sufis, stick with that source!

  5. David Kelm says:

    Yes, I have been reading this type of information for a while but every person puts it into their own words and adds another facet to the diamond of light.

  6. This was a good reminder of not making my life busy to avoid the pain but take time to go inside and connect to the divine. that is where I truly find joy. Thank you

  7. Hi Dmitri,
    I’d love to hear more about those tools you mentioned toward the end for connecting with and opening up to the divine. Thanks for sharing this with me. I’ve certainly gotten a lot from blessings over the years. Lately I’ve found that stepping into the shoes of my critics and developing compassion for them has been very helpful in minimizing my reactions and lessening projections. Peace.

  8. Dear Dmitri,
    What a timely piece of wisdom to come to my inbox today. You described my current dilemma perfectly, and confirmed and explained the conclusion I had been intuitively coming to. Putting it into the 4 quadrants is brilliant. Keep it coming. Having had an active faith for 35 years, though, there are a number ways in which a person can stumble with the divine. I love that you’re keeping it simple here, I’d also love to hear about the practices you mentioned. Thanks, Dmitri, as usual you’ve brought me some encouragement today.

  9. George,

    That’s what you should have posted originally. You’re original comment is what organizations that are paid to post spam comments on blog look like.

    If you want your comments to be trusted you can’t just go around posting things without backing them up. You need to elaborate as you did the second time.

  10. That “is”? Should? Can’t? Interesting choice of words. Do those words come from accessing your king, warrior, lover or magician? ;~)

    • Paul Schlegel says:

      King & Lover and extensive knowledge of blogging
      including controlling hundreds of blogs myself.

      E-Prime does look interesting by the way.

  11. Dmitri- Great direction with your teachings, and a great start with the presentation. Thanks.

  12. Dmitri,
    I enjoyed this journey with you. Thank you. It makes perfect sense (hah! the Magician)…. However, my “heartsick self” is reluctant to trust again. And your key to change the circuit (which I agree with, in theory) is to TRUST the Divine i.e. ask and LISTEN for the guidance instead of continually getting frustrated with “trying to do it better” on my own and “keep searching for solutions with the Magician and getting the Warrior to implement them.” WHICH IS ALL SO TIRING. I’ve done it endlessly. So, my question is, how to trust again?….What practices would encourage trust, when the taste of bitterness is on my tongue, and possibly even anger and despondence with the seeming heartlessness of the Divine….. and seriously questioning whether I could ever really trust again…. Please keep going with these explorations. At the very least, having a clear sense of the frustrating circuitry is opening something inside me of a new possibility of directing the Lover to the Sovereign, taking a gentler route and just creating space…. I might be able to do that…..

    • Jude,
      Trust is transient. It is the result of a judgement that there were more negatives than positives associated with an experience. You are bound to your past when this happens. And whatever you judge will run your life. Divinity is unconditional. To approximate divinity is to collapse the charge that sees more negatives than positives. A light particle (and all things for that matter) has + – charged in equilibrium. You can not have one without the other. The truth is that your experience (whatever it was that you perceived to have broken your trust) had a divine intention. It may have been to break your fantasy to an illusion that life can be lived with more positives than negatives, or that somehow this person was going to life outside of their own value system therefore not to yours. To collapse your charge is to see divine truth, that at the moment you were challenged you were also supported to exactly the same degree. The universe has a habit of keeping everything in balance. Jude, go in there and find the blessings. Slowly you will see both sides. When you do you will equilibrate and in a divine state (unconditional love) you will love this person/thing/god and appreciate them for the gift. Wisdom is seeing the perfection in everything the universe gives us – both positive and negative… this is the natural human condition. This is divine love. This is the perfect universe at work. Your journey is balancing up the positives of your experience to meet the countless negatives you are misperceiving. Anything is is to cover over the truth of universal law. Good Luck!

  13. glenn franz says:

    keep me posted. I wish I had high speed.

  14. Interesting post, though a bit redundant for folks (like me) out of the New Warrior tradition.
    I’m very interested in learning ways to connect to the divine. That’s what I’m struggling with, and it seems to be the “secret” inside of most traditions. It’s all fine and good to say, love yourself, love your neighbor, love God… but HOW?
    It’s also interesting to me that that short-circuit from the lover back to the magician and then to warrior, without ever tapping the sovereign, is the modus operandi of our modern technological culture. No surrender, no asking for help, no “showing weakness.” That’s the patriarchy circuit, dude.
    FYI, the video did not work for me in Firefox 3 — I had to fire up Internet Explorer, which I loathe. I’m betting Mac users had trouble too. You might consider a format that’s more cross-platform, like MPEG video.
    This is a great new direction, and it parallels what’s going on in my life. Please post more on this.
    Also, you should come to Minneapolis and do some trainings here. Contact the local mkp community, I’m sure we can set something up.

    • Consider that in an ideal, holistic, mature masculine psyche all four quadrants actively participate in the present moment. When that occurs we get about as close to the divine as humanly possible. We access our knowledge (magician), compassion (lover), order and blessing (king) and protector (warrior). Appropriate emphasis/access for a given situation as it occurs. Short circuiting suggests a lack of maturity; a getting stuck in one mode (or two) modes of operation; generally due to flashing back to experiences from childhood or adolescence.
      The video worked fine on a 10.4.11 system using safari.

  15. Dave Simon says:

    This gives a lot of hope. Craziness is just what you described here…doing the same thing…working harder…and doing it over and over again expecting a different result. Recognize that if doing it that way failed the first time, why should it work the 7th or the 50th time. This is true “craziness”!
    The blessing here in one sense is giving the problem to God…my theological bent coming out here…but not in the sense of “Let God and let go” but rather releasing the responsibility (the personal responsibility that is) of creating the change. Yet accepting the problem or challenge as an opportunity for growth and doing the things that are helpful to enhance the opportunity for that change to take place. Still in this there is a big allowance for the “being” aspect of life to occur here rather than it being all “doing”.

  16. Hi Dmitri, I have been struggling to make a connection with this circuit for most of my life. I will try it..

  17. Thanks Dmitri. Good reminder for me about blessing and connection. Keep me on your “interested” list.

  18. Thank you to Zzenn, June 30 posting.

  19. I like the flow of your thinking. It made sense to me. The chart, while simple, gave me a structure on which to hang your ideas. I like your summary message of despair: “I have to suffer and live without what I need” and would love to know how universal that really is. And it makes sense to me that at that point we settle or compromise with life. (reminds me of the Nicholson movie title “As Good As It Gets.”) It makes sense to me that one might go to the King/Divine – show me a way out that I can’t see. The King is the place of vision as well as blessing. I can then see, based on the King’s vision, the Warrior, Magician, and Lover taking action to implement the vision – so perhaps that’s the balance implied by your model. But the healing begins with the Divine inspiration or insight.
    Overall, I liked it a lot. Simple works for me.
    And I look forward to learning about new ways to tap the blessing current!
    Thanks for your openness and generous sharing.

  20. Nice Job Dimitri! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Roan Kaufman says:

    I am new to this blog and this forum. Who is George Lottermoser and is he someone collaborating with Dmitri on this blog? What exactly is E-Prime? Is it something Dmitri is now teaching in his seminars and coaching?

  22. Marianne Tauber says:

    The circuit you describe, in a simple manner is valuable and has, as you demonstrate, practical applications. Being a “jungian,” though, I suggest that you give those quadrants different denomination, best leaving out C.G. Jung and archetypes all together. As Lottermoser seems to know, you have drawn from the book by Moore and Gillette (“King, Warrior, Magician, Lover”). These archetypes are so much more complex and profound than what you make them to be with your few lines of meaning! (for example, how can the “Lover” be only about some negative emotions?) Moreover, these archtypes describe the masculine psyche, whereas, I suspect, you want to address women as well as men.
    Best wishes,

    • I’m thinking in this offering Dimitri is not tying to imply that the lover is all about neg feelings, but because we are dealing with a problem or an issue in the data, the chances are it’s going to bring up neg emotion or it wouldn’t seem to be a problem.

      Wow how easy it is to get caught in the masculine description stuff…. I so stuggle with this in my marriage, being MKP talking I trip up constantly, sometimes distancing myself from my wife or isolating her through my thoughtlessness..thank you

  23. Dimitri I’m seeing a pattern.
    For me, you consistently produce extraordinary soulful experiences which I receive via email, podcast or video. I’m incredibly grateful for the time you give to them and the humility with which you impart these wisdoms. Thank you,

  24. Dear Dmitri,

    I encounter my resistance sometimes when I read the emails you send out advertising online resources. This is my stuff, but I’m putting it out here because it might stop others getting to the good stuff.

    I’m British and I don’t like being sold to. When I read about what glorious golden part of myself I’m going to get access to I start thinking

    * when
    * then I carry on reading
    * I’m scrolling down
    * there’s not much of this email left
    * is this a tease
    * are all these answers I seek only available on a weekend in Denver (a long way from middle England)
    * should I back out now to avoid being disappointed
    * should I carry on receiving messages from Dmitri


    * No! It’s online. I can watch it now!

    Now this is my stuff, but nonetheless I think my experience is valid. I appreciate you need to sell workshop spaces but is there something I could do to only learn about the work you’re doing that I do have access to. I’d like to better understand up front when I was being given something and when I was being sold something.

    Incidentally I’d be happy to pay for your online content/videos/emails – that’s how much I like reading/watching/listening to them.

  25. This seemed to come through at just the right time for me as I have been struggling to find the answers to some issues in my life. Looking forward to more.

  26. wilma kirk says:

    I had real trouble with the audio. The voice cut in and out a lot and was very stuttering.
    the pictures were cool, but was there any connection to what you were saying at the time you were saying it?
    Content of what you were saying was great and thank you.

  27. Thanks Dmitri,
    Enjoyed it much, as Marianne puts “simple & practical”. I know this stuff but can see i’m not doing it in my day today life….
    So what comes up for me is how do I get this working in my I group.
    I’m thinking we lads need to take some time out to actually get an understaning of what the divine is to us individually, then maybe a process on what it feels like, then allowing the feeling to flow and how to embrace it. Then maybe give and recieve the blessings or practice it in away that can be used when the crap hits the fan….

    Yes, yes yes… keep it comming, I don’t care if it is old or new hat, if it’s good i want to ware & share…

    I’m not a tecno minded person and it came over loud & clear on my hotmail service, but I can really see the point about this needing to be available on easy access for different services.

  28. Chaz Burton says:


    I just got around to watching this and am very appreciative for it. I’m going to view it a few more times, and print out the blank quadrant sheet to use it as a “worksheet.” You mention that you might devlelop a “program” from this material; did that ever happen? Also, I’m curious about the spiritual practices you refer to in the presentation–anything you’d be willing to pass along?

    Happy New Year, Chaz

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