The Basic Carpet Work Online Mini Course

When you sign up for this free mini-course, you join more than 2800 other people who have taken it, too. This is the most “bottom line” introduction to “Carpet Work” that I’ve seen anywhere. If you want to learn carpet work — or simply want to review what you already know — this is a must read.

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What people say about the mini-course and the email newsletter…

We are using all of your email advice.

Dear Dmitri, ‘Thank you’ doesn’t cover how much my husband, Michael, and I appreciate all you do for us. We are using all of your email advice and courses and love you to pieces! Thanks for all you do.”   – Adele Steirnagle

“Along comes your ‘give away’ and clears it all up.”

Dmitri, your emails always arrive when I most need them. I will wrestle desperately with an issue — day by day sinking into the feeling I’m losing to an insolvable problem — when along comes your ‘give away’ and clears it all up. You’re a wonder. Gratefully, Sherman Selden

“When I see your name in my mail box I click ‘open’ and not ‘delete.’”

“Dmitri, Thank you for your emails… keep them coming.  I am loyal to you. The proof is that when I see your name in my mail box I click ‘open’ and not ‘delete.’ I love it that your emails are about all facets of the journey of life. That, along with several dozen other reasons, are why I have not unsubscribed to your emails — as I have with so many of the others that seem to say the same thing over and over again. Thank you for sharing… always…” – Christi Bender

A fresh and authentic approach.

“Dmitri Bilgere is one of the original great facilitators. I have been following his writings and facilitation work for years. He brings a fresh and authentic approach to guiding people through their own processes. Dmitri practices a uniquely balanced way of both following and leading as a person does their deep personal work.”

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