If you’re going to live the life you long for, sometimes you’re going to need a little help.


Phone coaching There might be a situation in your life where you feel stopped, and need help. This might be a relationship that isn’t working, a career problem that needs resolving, or a life that generally feels “blah” and not everything you ever imagined.

Or there might be a specific project that you need help on having the unstoppability to accomplish. That could be finding a mate, jump-starting a business, re-making your body, or even finishing your taxes.

We all occasionally need help achieving our longings, either in life-situations that have gone awry, or on specific projects. That’s what my healing coaching offers.

Becoming “the next better version” of you.

If you want to achieve something that is beyond what you can currently do, you have to be able to transform into “the next better version of you,” who can accomplish it.

Let me give you two examples of clients who were able to achieve what they desired by transforming into the people who could do it.

Example 1: Wanting to be in a Relationship.

I had a client who was single, and wanted to be in a relationship. He needed my help being able to approach and talk to the women who interested him. He got tongue-tied and flustered around women, and wasn’t able to make the connection that he wanted.

As we talked, we discovered that he had been betrayed in past relationships, and therefore he was living as if protecting himself emotionally was “Job #1” with women.

Not surprisingly, this made him act weird and distant around women he liked. His conversations with them were awkward — if they happened at all.

Advice about “how to talk to women” wasn’t going to help him, because as long as he felt he had to protect himself, he wasn’t going to be able to use that advice, anyway.

As we worked together, he started to feel that he could rely on the love inside of him, in a way he hadn’t before. “I can be in touch with the Love that is inside of me,” he said. “And that Love will show me the way. That Love in me is constant, it guides me, and is with me even when I’m in a relationship with a woman.”

When I asked him how this new insight changed his feeling that he had to protect himself, he told me, “From this place of Love, there’s really nothing to protect. I can simply be myself. I can be me.”

As you can imagine, this new way of being made it much easier for him to connect with women who interested him. He became a man who was “open for business” in creating a great relationship, rather than being closed off and defensive.

He experienced the transformation that would give him the ability to be “the next better version of himself” when he pursued a relationship. And that gave him a much better chance of successfully creating the relationship that he longed for.

Example 2: Scary Business Negotiation.

I was called by a woman who had an important negotiation about a business project coming up.

She wanted to negotiate a deal she’d feel great about. But she was afraid that, fundamentally, she was a person who would end up “caving in” and end up signing an agreement that she knew was bad for her.

She didn’t need advice about negotiating. She needed the inner transformation that would make her the woman who could use what she already knew to create a deal she felt great about.

As we worked together, she started to see something new: that motivation and reward are linked together. She started to see that if she wasn’t getting properly rewarded for the work she would do on this project, she wouldn’t have the motivation to do it well… And, as a result, the project would probably fail.

She said, “I can feel in my heart how motivation and reward are linked on an almost biological level. You can’t have motivation without reward. It simply won’t be there.” She began to understand that her desire to be well-rewarded wasn’t “her being greedy” — it was what was necessary for the project to succeed.

As she experienced the truth of that insight, she really started to feel how important it was for both of their success that their agreement reward her well.

From that inner state, she was able to show up at the negotiation confidently and clearly. She later said “I felt like a leader, and that, by insisting on a deal I felt good about, I was really curating our project, and helping it succeed.

She had the inner transformation that allowed her to do what she couldn’t do before…She became unstoppable.

You Don’t Need More “Good Advice.”

If there’s something in your life that you want, and you don’t have it, and you’ve tried and failed to get it, then you need help that goes beyond “active listening,” or “good advice.”

You need help actually becoming the “next better version of you.” You need to become the you who is able to do what it takes to create what you are trying to create… be it building a business, getting a raise, improving your health, generating or healing a relationship, or whatever else your heart longs for.

When we work together there are times when I might give you advice, or offer knowledge and guidance from my experience, but I’m careful only to do this once you are in the space to actually take it in.That’s because the last thing you need is more “actionable advice” that you aren’t able to take action on.

My coaching work is all about helping you care for your heart so you have the inner resources you need to confidently pursue what what you really long for in your life.

If you’d like more examples, here is an eight-minute video of more healing transformations in people I’ve worked with…


Kinds of Situations and Projects I’ve Helped People With.

Though we can work together on any topic you want, here are some examples of situations and projects I’ve helped people with:


  • Creating a mission-driven and profitable businesses.
  • Becoming the kind of person clients want to sign up with.
  • Starting a business with a clear focus and message.
  • Improving health.
  • Healing heartbreak after a breakup.
  • Overcoming feelings of doom or hopelessness.
  • Being a stellar employee who gets promoted.
  • Improving a relationship with a spouse who doesn’t want to change.
  • Putting on a successful art show.
  • Overcoming struggles with creativity.
  • Finding a partner and getting married.
  • Handling 3 years of back taxes and organizing finances.
  • Writing and selling a book.
  • Courting and marrying a specific person.
  • Coming up with a business “elevator pitch” you feel good about and that works.
  • Doing business negotiation.
  • Doing something “impossible” … Being the kind of person who can move forward confidently toward your goals, and have miracles happen along the way.

I’m here to help you.

Coaching Options

After you’ve signed up, I’ll contact you, and we’ll set up a time for your first session. When we talk we’ll determine what you need help with, what your heart is longing for, and move on from there in assisting you in connecting to the larger Inner Resource that can help you.

Questions? Ask me Here.


If you have any questions before deciding whether or not to book a session with me, please ask them using this form. I’ll answer honestly and confidentially, and let you know if I think that my coaching would be a good fit for you, or if I’d suggest something else.

To find out about my background, check out the “About Dmitri Bilgere” page on this site.

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