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Facilitator’s club – Starting the Process from the participant’s LONGING

It’s possible to use all the right facilitation tools, in the right ways, but still be working on the wrong information.

I see it all the time. You have to start the process with the right information, so you move in the right direction. Otherwise you are working, but not on the participant’s actual issue. And that’ll make things tough.

In this video I show you how to find the participant’s real, deepest longings — which they probably will not present to you automatically — so you can go the right direction and have the process seem to run itself.

Steve Jobs and the pitfalls of living each day as if it was your last


In the wake of Steve Jobs dying, much has been made of his advice about how to live life well. In this 3-minute-32-second video, I talk about one of his quotes, the problems with trying to live each day as if it was your last, and of Jobs’ unique solution to the problem.

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Welcome to the Carpet Work Facilitator’s Club!

Hi! I’m glad you’ve joined the Carpet Work Facilitation Club!

(If you haven’t joined, and you want to, it’s free — you can join here.)

I’ll be posting occasional Facilitation Training and Carpet Work Theory videos and tips here… And you’ll be notified by email when I post more, or when I schedule a free tele-class.

New Innovation in the “Warrior Identity Wound”

To start, I’m posting this is a video I recently made for my fellow “Shadow Work” facilitators.

In it I talk about the different Archetypal “Identity Wounds,” and chart a new approach to handling the Warrior “Identity Wound.”

I hope you enjoy it.