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Secrets of focus: Getting all your wood behind one arrow

Most people try an unfocused, “scattergun” approach to success… They “shoot everything they’ve got,” assuming that something will succeed.

That may seem like a good idea, but it’s fatal to your sense of FOCUS…

And FOCUS is what you need to succeed.

In this video I trace the source of “focus” — and share,

  • Why the “scattergun” approach to success may seem intuitive — but it’s actually a problem you must work against,
  • Why shooting toward ONE THING is critically important,
  • Why priorities are like arms.. and how when you say you have more than two of them, you go crazy,
  • What high-tech startups, user interface designers, and Apple Inc., can teach you about focus, and
  • The path to focus that you can follow, so you have a natural flow from your “inner state” to your “external success.”