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The Lesson of the Fire

Years ago, on a perfect summer night, on a sandbar by the Wisconsin River, by a high bluff and under the light of a full moon, I built a fire.

Or perhaps I should say, I attempted to build a fire.

I actually failed at it, repeatedly… Until I had an important insight.

Then the fire practically exploded.

Building that fire taught me an important lesson about getting massive results.

I’ve relied on that lesson many times over the years, but I’ve never really talked about it publicly.

The lesson I learned really flies in the face of the idea that “you should never take your eyes off your goal.” In fact, I’d say that taking my eyes OFF my goal — in the right way — has been one of the most important lessons I’ve learned about manifesting in the real world..

And I learned it that night, attempting to build a fire beside the Wisconsin River.

Go for what you WANT by understanding your LONGINGS

Your mind responds to what you see in the world… Those responses are desires.

You’re heart responds to Divine qualities expressed in the world… Those responses are longings.

In this brief video I show you how to get in touch with your longings so you can whole-heartedly pursue what you want.

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