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Fawn Laughs During Her Vows

Audio: Spiritual Healing in Relationships with Jim and Zaina Keeley


I’m excited to be posting this 32-minute interview with Jim and Zaina Keeley.

Jim has more concentrated, useful, practical wisdom than almost anyone I’ve ever worked with, and I make it my business to show up at most of his workshops, no matter where they are.

Jim and Zaina have been married for 10 years, and are happier together all the time. The love and the excitement of the relationship has lasted for them.

At the end of July they are running their first relationships workshop.

My future wife and I are going to this workshop, so I decided to interview them about it, and share that interview with you.

Please note: I am not being paid to tell you about this workshop. I’m going to it, and I think you might get value out of it too.

In this 32-minute interview with Jim and Zaina, they cover…

  • Practical steps for growing spiritually in a relationship,
  • How a relationship can go from being just a place a person gets his or her needs met to becoming a place where people grow together into their fulfillment and happiness,
  • Why sharing feelings or your “truth” can sometimes turn into a fight or a session of complaining, and what to do about it,
  • How the purpose of relationship communication is not just to get your point across, but to discover the next place inside of you that you need to transform to move even deeper into the relationship,
  • The problem with thinking that your partner are the same person every day, and how who you partner is today asks new things of you… and how those new challenges can be catalysts for transformation,
  • How Jim and Zaina “hold” each other during conflict, and avoid the major traps of “just listening” to your partner.
  • How to get past the idea that “sooner or later all couples drift apart” or the other ideas that dull many relationships,
  • How to listen “deeper” to what is upsetting your partner,
  • The “subtle losses of heart” that happen in relationships, and how to overcome them,
  • Good news about how a couple can set the intention to be ridiculously and outrageously happy together, and can keep that intention (and experience) alive through the bumps and challenges of the relationship,
  • and more.

About their workshop:

Location: The workshop is happening in Auburn Massachusetts, USA. (By the way, Fawn and I are traveling from Madison, WI to this workshop, on the weekend before our wedding… We think it’s worth traveling to get to this workshop, and encourage you to think so, too.)

Date: Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27, 2008.

Price: Probably because this is the first time they’ve let this workshop, it is priced at only $150/person. (I think you can expect the price to go up dramatically in the future.)

Who can come: This workshop is open to people who are in a relationship, those who would like to be in one, or someone who is getting over a heartbreak or anyone else.

Next steps for you:

If you’d like to hear more from Jim, he has a free newsletter and many hours of free audio at his website (Opens in a new window).

To find out more or sign up for the workshop, you can email Jim at [email protected]


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How to open to Blessing to transform your problems

In this new video, I show, step by step, how people who are experiencing problems or issues tend to AVOID their connection to Blessing.

I’ll also show you the one mistake that people make when they don’t rely on their connection to Blessing.

I’ll show how that one mistake leads to struggle, difficulty, trying harder, and “loss of heart” in the face of the challenges of life.

And I’ll give you a blueprint of how you can start avoiding that mistake RIGHT AWAY, and…

  • Begin reducing struggle in your life and taking the “weight of the world” off your shoulders,
  • Improve your relationships with your spouse, family, or at work
  • Find empowering motivation for truly changing your behaviors,
  • Find peace if you are upset or experiencing difficulty,
  • Build a strong and practical spirituality,
  • And find “heart” in the places you’ve “lost heart” in your life.

I hope you enjoy the video, and PLEASE leave a comment letting me know what you think about it!


(I also want to thank my friend and mentor Jim Keeley for all his help and inspiration in this!)

What ONE PIECE OF ADVICE would you give me and Fawn about relationships?


This is a video of me and Fawn! We’re getting married August 2nd, 2008. I was really touched by how many people sent emails congratulating us, wanting to be kept “in the loop” for new developments in the work I’m doing, and who sent relationship advice for us soon-to-be newlyweds.  I’m gonna share the advice I’ve gotten so far in a moment, but I also want to extend this invitation. Please add your comment below answering the question:

What ONE PIECE OF ADVICE would you give me and Fawn about relationships?  

Here’s the advice I’ve been emailed so far: 

  • “Marriage is like a prostate exam, a Super Bowl party and the Eucharist all at the same time.”
  • “Scott Peck said there are two reasons to get married; one is to have children and the second is for the friction.”
  • “Enjoy the ride, savour every moment.”
  • “Remember, planning a wedding can case a divorce before you get married. ( joke… but contains a lot of truth)”
  • “Yes, it is a time consuming adventure to integrate two lives, AND the richness and potential goes up exponentially!”
  • “May I say it does limit who you play with from now on (in my opinion). Hence the saying, marry your best friend.”
  • “After 23 years, we keep growing closer and connected, our love still shines.”
  • “As a meaningful gift to you two I would like to suggest the best information on growning a close relationship: ‘The Relationship Cure’ by John Gottman and Joan Declaire And their DVD has been the best investment for me on this subject.”
  • “In the Latin. Ad multos annos: to many years!”
  • “The only thing more important than a marriage is a birth! Oh yeah, death is pretty important event too!”
  • “I find I still have much work to do and in marriage many more opportunities to do my work. The art of forgiveness is a big plus. Knowing ‘this too shall pass’ is great lesson. Remembering the love I have known for the woman I can not understand in the moment holds me present when I want to abandon. Finding the gold in the buttons she pushes, triggers in me about what I wanted in relationship. Recognizing so little else matters if I cannot hold love and respect for myself and the woman I know I love even when the reasons to love are not currently obvious. My Blessings to you. Welcome to the Hero’s Journey.”
  • “If you think life is busy now….wait till you have a kid or two…”
  • “Congratulations!!  If you think the wedding and marriage are big- JUST WAIT TIL THE CHILDREN ARRIVE! (if you’re going there.)”
  • – “Yes, indeed, it really is very time consuming, and it really does take a shocking amount of time and energy! Just remember to stop and breathe every so often, especially when the two of you start feeling too stressed. It really is a wonderful time. Be sure to enjoy it, and don’t forget to have fun on your special day!”
  • – “Just don’t let her go to the Woman Within workshop or she’ll learn all your tricks! :)

 What advice do you have to add? I really am interested… Please add a comment below! Thanks!